Our Story

Evolution TCG is a TCG store based in the Netherlands, founded on January 7th 2021 by Everton Lucas Tsai.


It all started way back in 2003 in Suriname. My older brother came back home with 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter decks: Joey and Pegasus. Having watched the anime on TV, we couldn't wait to open them up and start dueling against each other. As a little kid you don't really care about the rules, so you just go with whatever you saw in the anime or literally any rule you can make up on the spot.

It would be impossible to express in words how I cherish those childhood memories of playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon with my family and friends.

Years later (post-2010), I started hosting local tournaments together with other friends, since we didn't have any Official Tournament Store in Suriname. Within our small country and community, we didn't have access to all cards, so we had to make due with whatever we had.

After 2018, I moved to Europe to study (first to Belgium and then to the Netherlands) with virtually nothing to my name, except for my cards. I started attending locals every week and all European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. 

As a poor student, I obviously wouldn't be able to afford my hobby if I wanted to keep up with the meta. So I first started buying and selling YGO cards for small profits.
After seeing some good results, I finally decided to sell on Cardmarket and eventually more platforms, including this website which I created myself in May 2023.


Cardmarket account:

Facebook: Evolution TCG
Instagram: @evolutiontcg_nl

KVK        : 81488475
BTW/VAT: NL003569393B93