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One Piece OP05 Awakening of a New Era English Sealed Case (12x Booster Boxes)

One Piece OP05 Awakening of a New Era English Sealed Case (12x Booster Boxes)

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5 December 2023 Update:
We are happy to announce that we've received just enough allocations and bought a few more cases from some other sources in order to fulfill all the pre-orders!
We currently have enough cases to fulfill the pre-orders, on top of the cases we still have available for sale on the website. 

All orders will be dispatched chronologically on the release date (8 December 2023).
Keep in mind that if there are any delays, it might take a little bit longer for orders that were made after 25 October 2023.

Disclaimer. Please read before you buy:
As of 25 October 2023, our preorders are full.
Any OP05 items purchased after this date are not guaranteed to get the product, but instead placed on a waiting list for any other allocations of the product we may receive.
We will be able to let you know on 2 December 2023 if you can still preorder any more OP05 products.


Pre-order item.

Release date: 8 December 2023

All of our preorders are dispatched on the release date.

Card designs celebrating the game’s 1st anniversary!

Leader alt-art with original comic illustrations are back by popular demand from the first two boosters to celebrate the 1st anniversary!
Special cards also feature fresh designs! New embossing makes cards more collectible than ever! Plus, the long-awaited cards drawn by Eiichiro Oda are here!The 5th Booster Pack, featuring the Skypiea Arc and the Revolutionary Army!
Highly anticipated characters including Enel, Sabo, and Koala make their appearance!
Build decks with new themes, such as a blue Animal Kingdom Pirates deck or a purple Straw Hat Crew deck!
Combine with ST-10 to build a powerful deck!
Make an imposing deck by combining this Booster Pack with the ULTRA DECK -The Three Captains- and go toe-to-toe with any opponent!

Total : 126+1 card types Rarity:
• Leader: x6
• Common: x45
• Uncommon: x30
• Rare: x26
• Super Rare: x10
• Secret Rare: x2
• Special Card: x6
• DON!! Card x1
• 1st Anniv. Special x1
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Customer Reviews

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Package arrived undamaged. Would purchase from this company again.

Alejandro Giménez Expósito

Everything was correct

willis huang
received after a week

got it after a week using dhl

Tommy Vang

Great customer service the shipping service was late due to weather.