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One Piece English Booster Box OP10 Preorder

One Piece English Booster Box OP10 Preorder

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- The Donquixote Pirates are now available in new colors, opening up a range of new strategies!
- This pack shines the spotlight on characters from the Punk Hazard arc! It also features many cards that strengthen Land of Wanoand ODYSSEY type cards.
- New and existing cards can be combined to build powerful decks! New cards are powerful enough to compete with experienced players!

OP-10 Rarities

Leader x6
Common x45
Uncommon x30
Rare x26
Super Rare x10
Secret Rare x2
Special Card x6
Treasure Rare x1
DON!! Card x1
126+1 card types
* This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types.



1 Booster Pack: 12 Cards
1 Display Box: 24 Packs
1 Case: 12 Display Boxes

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